Maestra means "teacher" in Spanish, and that's exactly what I am! I am a bilingual (Spanish-English) elementary school teacher going into my third year of teaching. Because in many hispanic cultures referring to a teacher by their job title is a sign of respect, I'm fairly certain my actual name has been abandoned for good and I will be known only as Maestra from now on. :)

My 1st year of teaching I was in a split Kinder/1st grade classroom teaching in two languages. Talk about sink or swim! I'm proud to report that I managed to stay afloat. Last year I taught a 2nd grade bilingual classroom at a different school, which had its own new set of challenges. This coming year I will be at yet another new school (hopefully this is my last move!), but teaching 2nd grade bilingual again, so at least there is some continuity.

As a relatively new teacher, I am gathering/creating resources at a pretty quick rate. I know there's not a lot out there that caters specifically to bilingual elementary education, so my aim for this blog is to share what I find and the resources I create, so that others can use/share them as well. Enjoy!


Candis said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I just saw that you had started following I Teach Dual Language and saw the link to this blog. I am your first follower and will spread the word about your new blog! I have read a lot of research about the Literacy Squared project but have never known a teacher doing it. I look forward to seeing it in action via your blog! Have a great start to the year!

Tinseth Family said...

Great job! I will follow! <3 Beth

Judy said...


This is my first year teaching in a bilingual classroom and I'm so excited! I've taught kinder(1st year of teaching) and first (last three years but now I'm moving on to third. Looking forward to what you have to share!


Teaching Little Apples

Krista Carlson said...

So glad to find another bilingual teacher blogger! I am a second grade dual language teacher! Feel free to hop on over to my blog as well when you get the chance! Looking forward to sharing ideas!

The Second Grade Superkids

Linsay Humphrey said...

First Grade with a TwiSt

Maestra Bilingue said...

Hola! I am a bilingual teacher in a first grade classroom, and just started a new bilingual blog as well--mispalabrasgrandes.blogspot.com. Welcome to the blogger world, and good luck with your year! Excited to read your ideas and experiences, and hopefully share some helpful ones with you!