Literacy Squared

Thank you all for the warm welcome into the bilingual teacher blogging world! I can't believe I've had this blog up and running for only a couple days and already I've got followers and comments. Yay for bilingual teacher friends! I know we all teach using different program models and theories, but we have such limited resources because of the language aspect of what we do, so it's incredible to find others that are out there doing the same translating, prepping, and creating from scratch that I do!

The bilingual program model that my district uses is called Literacy Squared. Somebody mentioned that they had read about it, but most folks aren't really familiar with the program and the ideology that goes along with it, so I'm posting the link to the Literacy Squared website and a video that some Lit Squared teachers in our district appear in (not me!) describing their feelings and views about Literacy Squared. I certainly won't claim to be the model Lit Squared teacher as I'm still learning, adapting, and finding my own way of doing things, but I believe in the core idea of teaching young children to become bilingual and biliterate in an explicit way that really supports their culture and their growth. There are some amazing things happening in Lit Squared classrooms (and other bilingual classrooms too)!

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