New School Year, Another New School

This coming year will be my 3rd year of teaching... and my 3rd school. The first move was due to a budget crisis and the RIF process which shifted people all over the district. This last move was something I asked for, and am very happy to have received. HOWEVER, it means setting up yet another classroom, finding all my curriculum and manipulatives (which other teachers have appropriated), getting acquainted with a new staff, and learning how things are done at the new school. I can already tell I will love this school and the staff, but just the process of moving and readjusting can be seriously exhausting. Also, I ripped off the entire toenail on my big toe moving a bookshelf in my classroom last week and have been shuffle-limping around trying to get things in order since then. It's really slowed me down and it's painful! Ah well. Coffee, time, and a little help from my family will eventually get the classroom in order for the arrival of my new batch of kiddos next week! I'm excited to meet mis nuevos girasoles!

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Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you feel! I'm in my fourth year of teaching, and I have switched buildings between every single year - my first three years were all in the same district, but this year I actually switched school districts too. Hang in there! If there is one thing I've learned from moving around all the time, it's that it definitely helps to keep you more organized! Hope your year starts off well!

Maestra Bilingue